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The first part of my Ask the Maker answers. A little bit about icon-making and then tutorials.

Warning: this post is image heavy, for serious.

The questions:

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The tutorials:


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16 October 2010 @ 01:17 pm
Long time no post :) This is a mix of Lost icons mainly from the finale (going slow through the caps... don't wanna rush the last episodes ever :P), Fringe icons mainly from the s3 premiere (such a good show!), and some miscellaneous stuff.

[44] Lost
[37] Fringe
[9] Misc - soccer, Yoshitomo Nara art, Kaitlin Olson

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14 July 2010 @ 09:56 pm
Buenas noches everyone, having a good summer so far? I'm pretty bored so hopefully I'll be more active now. Half of these icons were made in Windows are the other half in Mac, IDK if you can spot the difference but I'm in love with the PSCS4 in my MacTardis.

01-06 Community
07-19 Doctor Who
20-21 Glee
22-28 True Blood
29-30 Fringe
31-34 Spanish national team

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A quick post before the Lost finale, just from the most recent episode and miscellaneous icons, many of them from my 31 Days of Lost fanmix. there will be Across the Sea (<3) icons when I can find better caps.

And no, the number of icons was not intentional. ◉_◉

[108] Lost icons - "What They Died For" and misc.

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